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  Helicopter for Flower Dropping


Flower dropping can be wonderful and incredible if flower drop from a height of feet from a helicopter to the bride and groom in a wedding or reception , guests for welcoming ,religious events, political events and on other occasions contact to skyrides if you require a helicopter flower showering and dropping.

Helicopter Flower dropping service:

We provide flower dropping through remote controlled helicopter and real helicopter.

Ø  Remote controlled helicopter is a toy helicopter look like as real helicopter. It fly at the length of 6-7 feet approx to 300 feet from ground level. It carry the bunches of flowers and small pamphlets for dropping it at any event, wedding or political functions.

Ø  We also do the flower dropping through the real helicopter. it based on the availability , client’s budget and place.

For any occasion like wedding event, birthday party event, any political events and religious event latest but very famous concept of celebration is flower dropping through helicopter we provide flower dropping usually in wedding function like Varmala time, guests welcome, during wedding Phera, at religious events like Bhagwat Katha, temple inauguration, Pran Pratistha Mahotsav etc and any other birthday events and political events you can use our flower dropping service through helicopter.

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